The COFHUAT for the academic year 2016 program

The Cofhuat and the business of tomorrow

The Cofhuat is heir to a long tradition of partnership between public and private actors, men of study and officials on the ground. Its action extends to all areas that control everyday life. Its working groups highlight a few objectives and analyse the means to be implemented to achieve them.

It has proposed in recent years to some industrial and commercial enterprises to join the association. Those who have joined us have given us much. The floor was given to them so that they express themselves on subjects they are alone to know. The Cofhuat, in turn, brought their leaders information on questions of general interest which are often not enough known among the executives at the company.

The information that the company brings to the Cofhuat are widely disseminated to influence public policy. At a time where, for example, the issue of sustainable development takes an essential place in our national debates, it is important to make known to a wide audience initiatives in all these areas in the business and listen to positive or negative reactions that speak, facing the public decisions or in preparation.

In reverse, the Cofhuat provides the market sector leaders, conferences, articles that it gathers in its magazine and on its website. The quality of the speakers that she won the contest in recent years, is the richness of our association. Their comments are available on our website.

Companies that adhere to the Cofhuat select for us subjects of their competence. They put them in our circles of reflection. They are knowledge of personalities with other sources of information as well as public bodies who need to expand them as their look.

We ask Member companies to participate in these discussions, executives in their midst of varied responsibilities. We need a focal point to be designated in each of them but this one must first be a relay by the position it occupies in the establishment.

We are ready to organize information sessions for those who wish to participate in these exchanges.

Examples of topics today: housing: the response to the needs of employees, energy savings, the circular economy

the planning of the territory: dissemination of digital and removal of the shadow areas, telework, respective roles of the road and the railway for goods, car and transit for people

urban planning: integration of various data to take into account for a human face of the territory in partnership with the urban planning agencies, including the IAU

Focusing on topics of general interest and allowing executives to better understand, we thus make our contribution to the enterprise of tomorrow.

To commit ourselves more in these directions, we wish that a higher number of companies participate in reflection and that thus trade develop in the most varied fields. This is why we now multiply these offers for partnership.