President Forum

Let – me, at the beginning of years, with my good wishes, introduce you to this recognized institution of public utility, let you know about thco_leblond_ce orientations what give our Board of Directors over the next 12 months so that you can judge aid that can be made.

We are the inheritors of a humanist tradition that took its source there is slightly more than one hundred years and which was planning one of the crossroads of all the social sciences. It is this ethos that supports messages that we deliver regularly

Institutions like yours are faithful to these values, we want to help you to know supporting you in our publications and transmitting this message in every opportunity that we are offered, including the conferences we organize

If you want to register your action in a wider perspective, we mobilize your request of personalities from all walks of life in multidisciplinary working groups whose findings are made public in our magazine and on our website.

Last year, we took over the major stages experienced urban reflection throughout the 20th century, brilliant periods and those that have least been. We meet all of urban historians to enhance what is made of best and remind some failures to not repeat. Our elders, those who, at the beginning of 20th century, had not yet experienced the wars and their destruction, those who succeeded them and have had to face major challenges, can enrich by the messages they left, debates today. Many of their comments can support our reflections. The will expressed at the beginning of the 20th century to focus light in housing, green spaces around the habitat, the fight against slums, has convenient transportation, especially between home and work, took wrinkles?

We naturally fit our action in the news, the Cofhuat expressed his views in two meetings of the Cop 21, she supports anything that can contribute to the defence of the environment in respect of economic equilibrium. She is also concerned about the development of our territory: de-industrialization of the last 20 years has increased the gap between cities and towns average between the Paris region and parts of the province. To take account of geography, available to digital is a major asset, its widespread implementation can make live again the poorest lands, the Cofhuat joins the action of all those which it depends on and intends to disseminate the results that these techniques can arouse.

France, like Europe, is faced with a fragile world situation that must be also taken into account in the treatment of the subjects of our competence.

These are a few directions to which the Board of Directors intends to focus during 2016. To cope with this ambitious program, we expect an upgrade of our website and the proliferation of working groups.

Our website now contains all articles written by the personalities we have requested in recent years and we must thank. Unfortunately those who want to find them is not enough help, therefore our host will put in place a more powerful search engine. We must be one of the sources of information to address in an easy consultation. We believe that our database is useful to those who have decisions to make in our areas of activity.

The working groups that we have made over the past years, have worked well. We want to increase the numbers either on the initiative of personalities who have messages to pass, or at the request of our members or outside agencies who want to supplement their information meeting men and women able to broaden the debate. We can quote for example three topics: the accommodation of employees, the circular economy and the use of the digital home seniors. We will also discuss the consequences of the decline in the price of oil.

To help you in your task, we would be eager to know your suggestions in all these matters. We are available for any meeting on these topics.

An organization like ours works with volunteers and a single employee, it is not possible to be more efficient. He seeks no public subsidy, maintaining there total autonomy, this is the reason why the moderate financial contributions of its members are essential to its operation. I would like to offer you to join our association and to appoint someone you know who could follow our work and help your employees most affected by topics